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CANPLY Plywood Grades and Product Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CANPLY sell plywood?

CANPLY does NOT sell plywood.

The Canadian Plywood Association is a non-profit organization that represents 8 member companies who operate 12 Canadian Softwood Plywood mills in Western Canada and New Brunswick. We promote, certify and maintain quality control of our members plywood and provide technical and promotional assistance to their customers. However, we do field inquiries for plywood and forward them on to our members who will, in turn, contact you directly with a quote.

How can I contact plywood manufacturers to order plywood?


Request Price Quote on Plywood Order

Plywood enquiries go directly to
CANPLY Plywood Manufacturers.

MINIMUM 5 BUNDLES are required to make an enquiry to our member mills.
Response time from individual member companies may vary.

Please Note: Plywood enquiries are for quotation purposes and are not an actual order.

Click here to make an enquiry


What if I am not sure what specifications I require?

Please download the following page Guide to CANPLY Plywood Grades and Products (1.0 Mb) for a one-page summary of the plywood our members manufacture. Use this guide to answer any specification questions. If you need assistance, contact